Freebirth – Self-Directed Pregnancy and Birth

Basic knowledge | Illustrations and photos | Personal stories

Autorin: Sarah Schmid

Erscheinungstermin: April 2015

zahlreiche Illustrationen und Abbildungen sowie s/w-Fotografien
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Format: 17 x 22 cm
Ausstattung: Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-902943-86-6

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Having a baby, just like that? Without hospital, midwife or instructions to push? Babies are sometimes born before the midwife can get there and when that happens, everyone involved is usually happy everything went well despite the lack of professionals.

But how does it work for women who consciously decide to have a so-called ‘freebirth’ and decline antenatal care as well as conventional monitoring by birth professionals?

Sarah Schmid explains how to make self-directed birth a joyous experience. She also answers important questions around taking responsibility for your own pregnancy and birth, such as:

•             How can I improve my health during pregnancy?

•             How can I determine the baby’s position myself and optimise it?

•             Is it possible to know if my baby is well without listening to the heartbeat?

•             What can I do if my labour does not progress?

•             What do I do if the cord is around the baby’s neck?

•             What should I do if there is meconium in the amniotic fluid?

•             Freebirth after caesarean birth or with a breech baby – is it possible?

•             Can I give birth by myself even if the pregnancy ends too soon?

In ‘Freebirth’ Sarah Schmid provides a healthy dose of basic medical knowledge and dispels scary myths about birth. This also makes ‘Freebirth’ valuable for those women planning to birth their babies in a conventional setting, as well as for birth professionals. 

Also in this book:

Numerous illustrations • personal stories by over 30 mothers about planned and unplanned freebirths, including photos • helpful tips for the early days with a newborn

‘Trust your feelings and ask 1000 questions when it comes to the birth of your baby. Good births are not easy to find, only the best is good enough for you!’ (Caroline, 37, freebirth after previous caesarean section)

 ‘Birth means becoming a woman and discovering the roaring lioness within yourself.’ (Beatrice, 36, two freebirths)

‘Birth is part of life and it is not something that requires surveillance.’ (Sarah, 32, three freebirths)


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Sarah Schmid

Sarah Schmid ist Ärztin, Autorin und neunfache Mutter, darunter ein Zwillingspärchen. Mit Sachkenntnis und Sympathie entmystifiziert sie Schwangerschaft und Geburt. Ihr Buch „AlleingebSarah Schmid, Ärztin und Autorin von "Alleingeburt"urt“ gibt Sicherheit durch Wissen und schafft stabiles Vertrauen in den eigenen Körper. Mit "Wochenbett" bietet sie allen jungen Müttern nach der Geburt tatkräftige Hilfe.

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